Learn About Our Steakhouse

Welcome to our steakhouse. We’re pleased you want to learn more about our […]

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WELCOME TO LEGEND’S STEAKHOUSE Legend’s Steakhouse, located in Midland Park, NJ, is indeed […]

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Learn About Our Steakhouse

Welcome to our steakhouse. We’re pleased you want to learn more about our steakhouse and if you read on, you’ll learn about our founding, menu selection and other interesting information. After you’re done learning about us, feel free to come visit us in person.

Our Founding
Our founders launched our steakhouse out of a passion of great tasting food, mainly steak. After launching our steakhouse, it quickly grew in popularity, due to our talented team of staff as well as the passion and motivation our owners had and still have for running the restaurant. Regardless of how much time passes and continues to pass by, we will always be a group of people who are passionate about steak, food and providing each and every customer with an excellent experience.

Sometimes the tools are as important as the ingredients. We use only the finest tunnel ovens when we cook our steaks.

Menu Selection
We believe in not only offering steak and food that tastes exceptional, but we believe in offering a diverse menu. When you visit our steakhouse, that is exactly what you’ll find and we are constantly striving to provide the best selection of foods and this is why we often change up our menu. We have an extensive menu that includes a range of steaks, main dishes, sides, appetizers, desserts, beverages and more. If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, feel free to visit the menu section of our website, as this will give you an idea of what we serve.

Serious About Customer Service
We take customer service serious, and when you enter our steakhouse, you will get that vibe. We treat each and every one of our customers with respect, dignity and we ensure they enjoy their visit. Our staff is attentiveness and they are known for being friendly.

We are confident you will be impressed with the level of service you receive at our steakhouse. This is why we have built a large following of loyal guests, but our food and drinks have also played a role in why we have very loyal customers.

Inviting Atmosphere
Not only is our food good and our menu selection impressive, and not only will you receive quality service at our restaurant, but our overall atmosphere is inviting. We have set our restaurant up in a way that is inviting and comfortable for all guests, regardless of their age.

As soon as you step foot in our steakhouse, you will feel at ease. Everything from the service to the music playing in the background and the ambiance in the air, you will love everything. On that note, it’s worth pointing out that our food may be of high quality, but our prices are more than fair.

As previously mentioned, our steakhouse was founded out of a passion for great tasting steak, food and a great atmosphere that all our guests will enjoy. This is why people come to our establishment day after day, week after week. With that said, we invite you to come on down and find out for yourself why we believe we’re one of the best steakhouses in the area.